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Harvard MBA Bill Corbin creatively deploys multiple technologies for practical but innovative purposes.

Best known invention was Unified Neighbors, the information system purchased by Angie's List, recently acquired for something over $500 million by Home Advisors.

Enfront was founded in 2009 to focus on the emerging field of person-to-person marketing. We have become a thought leader in multi-touch time-dated campaigns that inspire YES decisions.

Memory of Value was conceived as a solution for almost universal lack of value-based follow-up during long decision cycles.

Details: Enfront Micro-Marketing System







By policy, Enfront will not work with direct competitors in the Memory of Value arena.

Bill Corbin

317-218-8254         bcorbin@enfront.com

1950 E Greyhound Pass, Ste 18-121

Carmel, IN 46033